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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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is going to be pretty good going forward. we're expecting kind of a goldilocks scenario in terms of gdp growth. not too hot, not too cold. should be good for investors. liz: we like that. hey, happy new year to both of you. the market closed the first day of trade to the upside. let me take it to david and melissa for after the bell. david: thank you. well, stocks kicking off the new year on a high note, markets closing ending in triple digits up more than 100 points i'm david asmand. happy new year. melissa: i'm melissa francis, this is after the bell, we've got you covered on the big market movers but first, here's what else we have for you this hour. donald trump is the driver seat from mowtown to washington taking on general motors and ford. e president-elect scoring a big victory on capitol hill as well. hous republican yanking controversial ethics measure
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after he criticized the move. all of this happening on day one of a brand-new congress. republicans are pushing an aggressive agenda as vow to put up a fight. we've got you covered on this very busy hour. david: and the markets getting aggressive there at the end. the dow climbing in the final minutes of trading. nike and verizon moving positive and oil moving in the opposite direction. the ce in chicago to tell us why and lori rothman is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, it was up more than 170 points and in the morning it lost it, and then it came back. why? >> hi, david. happy new year. we did see some late-session buying today. that's for sure. quick answer to your question, the vix. volatility index falling about 6 or 7%, give or take, today. so that means investors are feeling more calm, more confident about what lies ahead. so safe to say that post election rally rolls on here into the new year.
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now, we do have a bunch of story stocks to run through for you here. let's start with xerox, shedding the weight, completed the separation of a business outsourcing company called conduit and also the benefactor of a bunch of endless upgrades today. so that's why you see xerox up about 20%. also fitbit, you can earn cash now by counting steps. how is this possible? the fitness bands are going to be integrated with united health care group. they're going to let you en monetary rewards for keeping your daily fitness goals. how about that? disney, i want to show you real quickly here. 52-week high. upgrade the price to 120 bucks a pop. trading at about 106, that's 13% upside for disney on that upgrade thanks to rogue one, a star wars story third week in a row number one at the box office. melissa: all right, lori,
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thank you for that. oil hitting an eight-month high and then dropping this afternoon. what happened? >> that's what happens when you have manufactured rallies, ever since opec came out about who is going to be in agreement and who is not? this is jumped pretty significantly. and you know what happens when we get this negative news that comes out on a manufactured rally has more importance than what we saw later after we were up higher into the strong dollar, libya producing more, outside the agreement. and of course the u.s. is october production was a lot more as well. so those two little bits of news popped that balloon, and you're going to need to feed the bull every day. that's an old trader story. and we're going to need something new this morning to keep this melissa: all right, scott, thank you. david. david: well, markets winning the race in the first trading day of 2017. what's sending the markets to react is dan and david of points view wealth management. david, i didn't think the
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bulls were going to win but they did. why? >> well, a continuation of 2016. all hope for tax cuts, infrastructure spending, regulatory reform, plus rebounding corporate earnings after 18 month trough there. but now from our perspective, we're starting to get cautious here, 10% since election day on the s&p. 20% in the russell 2,000. this is time to develop a little bit of dry powder. david: and some people pulling the rug out from the trump victory. look at the wall street journal headline today. i was surprised to see earnings not donald trump are stocks' best friend in 2017. which i would say, look, earnings comes from people buying things and buying is when people are confident and trump is instilling confidence, is he not? >> you're right. earnings have come off a five-quarter slump and that's good news. the marketing manufacturing index in december was 21-month high. and in some ways, this is -- i
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guess i would call it a return to normalcy if you can use that word in the context of donald trump. but markets are settling down, they're trying to absorb the prabble policy proposals david was just describing, and they're factoring that into the fact that the economy is growing. so i don't think we're going to see enormous gains like we did at the end of this year. but steady progress. melissa: president-elect trump taking aim at general motors today tweeting "general motors, make in usa or pay big tax. now ford is canceling its plans for $1.6 billion plant in mexico. fox business jeff flock is in chicago. jeff, they could read the writing on the wall or writing on the twitter? >> i guess. that's one way to go. ford saying not because of donald trump, though. it's because of market demands. small car sales are down. i'll show you those numbers in a second but, yeah, donald
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trump is taking credit. take a looat his tweet. ford to scrap mexico plant, invest in michigan due to trump policies. ford ceo was on with neil and neil asked him point-blank, would you have done this if trump was president or not? and he said, oh, we would have done it anyway. but then again he said it's trump's policies that led to this. neil asked what trump's reaction was when he broke the news to them. >> they were very pleased that we were making these investments here in the united states and creating the 700 jobs, building on the 28,000 jobs that we've created over the last five years. so they were very pleased that we were making this action. >> i would point out, melissa, however, that ford fusion, which is what they were going to make at that new plant down there, they're still going to make that in mexico but just as an existing plant and not build a new plant. as you reported, this all started from a tweet from trump yesterday taking on general motors about the chevy cruz.
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hey, we're going to hit you with a big tax if you keep doing this. but gm pointed this out. all chevy cruise are built in georgetown, ohio. indeed they do. they build the chevy cruise hatchback in mexico, which mainly goes to overseas markets, only a small number goes to the u.s. so trump may have been a little bit off the mark on that. the truth is small car sales are down all over the u.s. chevy cruise, which is now made largely here, sales down 18%, ford focus which now making in mexico, 17%. but, you know, if you're going to tax u.s. companies at the border, you certainly better tax foreign competitors at the border and right now all of the competitors to the fusion and cruze are made in mexico. melissa: you said he's off the mark but all the hatchbacks they made in the u.s. are made in mexico. so they said they -- >> they do make cars.
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melissa: the exact number. they're saying i don't do it a lot. i just do it a little. that was their point. >> yeah. and that's always been made. it's not like they moved the jobs to mexico. they've only made hatchbacks there because u.s. market doesn't really care about the hatchbacks. you have to have a level playing field where everybody gets taxed, then, you know, how can u.s. companies compete? . melissa: absolutely and that's what he says about china. jeff, thank you so much. all right. dan, what do you make of all of this? >> well, i think jeff makes a very good point. a lot of this is being driven by markets. one of the reasons incidentally is they make those chevy cruzes in mexico and they have a lot of bilateral trade agreements with other companies, they find it more in their interest to take advantage of the free trade great has that mexico struck that the united states has been slow to do. so there's a big market reason for that. and another issue would be trump's energy policies.
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if he's going to libert liberate u.s. energy as he keeps saying, the price of oil is going to fall. that makes it tough to sell small cars. people prefer trucks and suvs if they're able to afford the gasoline. so some of trump's policies are really working across purposes with one another. melissa: but, david, if you make the cost of energy cheaper, it's cheaper to run your plant here. what about natural gas and everything else and transportation? all this kinds of things. cheap energy helps business in the u.s. as well. >> yeah. absolutely. it's a big benefit for the united states. i think it's one of the reasons our dollar's going up and our stock market is going up as well. melissa: all right. we'll leave it there. very concise. i can't -- you guys are perfect. i can't build upon that. thanks. both of you. david: a one-sentence answer to a question. you don't get that often. well, everybody's worst fear while british national security administer has strong reasons to believe why isis is targeting the uk for a large-scale chemical weapons attack. oh, about how high. melissa: in the 115 congress
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sworn in today. it is the first time republicans have controlled both the house and the senate in over a decade. they've had a very busy agenda ahead of them. but a tweet from president-elect is taking one little thing off their plate. we'll explain. david: and democrats not giving up without a fight. nancy pelosi warning house republicans if they break it, they own it. but isn't it alreadyroken? our panel weighs in. >> well, this is what i understand. the president said if you ke your health care, you can keep it, you can't. you said premiums would go down, they're up on average over $4,300.
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melissa: the breach is and over congress is back in session. okg to get to workith republican-controlled house and senate. fox business peter barns is live in washington d.c. with
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all of today's busy details on the hill. peter, quite a day. >> yeah. that's right, melissa, and it was a tripped up for the house republicans at leasthrough a little controversy over ethics. now, the house is right now as parth part of its first actual swearing in everybody, including speaker ryan who was of course a reelected speaker. they have to adopt the rules for the procedure for legislation and for conduct in the house. they do that at the beginning of each new congress. and as of this morning, the rules package included a provision that would have eliminated a semi-independent office of congressional ethics. now, this was created in 2018 after some other ethics controversies. and under -- for this office, anybody can send an anonymous tip to -- that can then be passed on to the house ethics committee, which is a separate body. now, critics say that,
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however, that those anonymous tips can include untrue information and was not good due process supporters of this say eliminating the office doesn't help but drain the swamp conversation that president-elect trump had where the voters when he was running. and trump, in fact, weighed in on this this morning, and he said -- tweeted quote with all that congress has to work on, they -- do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watch dog as unfair as it may be? their number one act and priority? focus on tax reform, health care, and so many other things of far greater importance. well, that got the house republican leadership did not support this ethics move, by the way. some of its members did and some democrats apparently did as well. it got them -- the republicans emergency meeting this afternoon. and pulled this provision. the speaker when he was giving his remarks after he was sworn in to the whole house didn't
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mention this controversy today, but he did say that republicans had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, thanks to the voters who supported president-elect trump. listen. >> now they have let out a great roar. now we, their elected must listen. so i want to say to the american people, we hear you. we will do right by you. and we will deliver. >> democratic leader nancy pelosi said that she hopes to reach consensus on common ground with republicans medical stand their ground on issues like health care and gun control. melissa. melissa: i think there will be lots of consensus. peter, thank you very much. i'm being sarcastic. david: more on nancy pelosi in a moment but first today, gop fund-raiser and blake, democratic strategist.
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good to see you both. now, what does this say, first of all, about a trump presidency and his power over congress? >> well, it says he's going to do a lot of governing by twitter, obviously. but, you know, i think what trump is doing, and i think it's very interesting is he's holding -- notice the #dts. he's holding everyone accountable. he's trying to show everybody that while congress did this, that they really need to be focusing on other things. and i think that you saw, you know, speaker ryan, i think you saw him pretty much y to solidify everybody saying that you're lucky enough to be in this seat and going forward, we're going to try to, you know, bring unity and get things done. david: whether they're rapport democrats. blake, doesn't this show that trump is willing to take on his own party's establishment, if you will, in order to drain the swamps? >> well, i'm not sure he's willing to take them on to
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drain the swamp. i think noel and i are going to disagree about that's what this is really about. but certainly president-elect trump has made a move here that is incredibly interesting. and one that demonstrates i think to the public that his priorities are not to erode ethics reform whereas that really seems to be the number one priority of the house ranked and file. i think, though, this is a bit -- this is a bit of a misstep for the house leadership. even though -- david: a huge misstep. >> they couldn't -- yeah, right. they couldn't get the rank and file in order, and it has really been a disaster. david: well, donald trump saw it, he pointed t it out, and they changed it. there was movement on this. i want to get both of your take on nancy pelosi. she took a hit at republicans for attempting to scrap obamacare. take a listen. >> this is affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. david: that is not the thought
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that i called for. that's what she said, blake, when she was promoting obamacare and something that was going to be very affordable and going to be affordable everybody, affordable, affordable, affordable. well, in fact, it turned out that premiums have gone way up and deductibles have gone even higher. so who is she to point to republicans for messing up a good thing when it's not a good thing? >> well, i'm not sure that that's entirely right. we know that there's certain provisions of obamacare that the public really does enjoy and really likes. and i think what the democrats are trying to do here is have a debate about specific aspects of the law that are productive, that have brought millions of people onto the health care roles and counterbalance that with some of the challenges. david: but you have to admit that at all cost of that -- the cost -- hold on a second. the cost of that was everybody's premiums and deductibles going up, and that's one of the reasons that you guys lost the election; right?
4:20 pm
>> well, i think -- i don't think that's necessarily one of the reasons we lost the election. i respectfully disagree with you there. but i think e reality is and the president has said this and hilly clinton said i during the campaign. look, obamacare needed some reform. it doesn't need to be repealed entirely. but it does need to be reformed. david: all right. i think donald trump has said that as well. noel, the question is -- and nancy pelosi spoke the original thought was nancy saying, in fact, you shouldn't scrap the whole thing. how do you change obamacare? how do you unravel the bad parts of obamacare like it costing a lot more than it was supposed to without taking a lot of people off of insurance all together? >> well, you know -- david: hold on. that's for noel. >> sorry. >> no problem. well, you have to repeal and replace, and that's what donald trump said he was going to do. he's going to repeal and replace. and if you look at something -- a pick hhs that's replacing kathleen is tom price. tom price back in 2013 had a
4:21 pm
replacement model, and he actually in 2015 went back and revamped it. so there is a -- there are provisions for a replacement, if you will go back and look at -- hopefully he's going to be sworn in -- mr. price -- who's going to take over hhs. so not only republicans saying that they're going to repeal it, but we also do have an idea of what a replacement would be like. david: it's going to be a wild time this quarter. thank you very much. the panel is going to be back with us, melissa. melissa: breaking news. tesla motors saying that it has produced 64 more vehicles in 2017 than a year earlier. that sounds like a lot but missed their goal of 8,000 units. share of the company now down 2%. it had been down over 4% on the news. david: well, president-elect versus the mainstream media. reporters exposed for bias are following trump straight to the white house. what that means for the
4:22 pm
president-elect and the media coming next. melissa: plus the scandal-free administration. how president obama senior adviser is rewriting history. that's coming up. >> hundreds of people dying as a result of a obama administration program? is that not scandalous? come on. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long-term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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. melissa: 17 days until president-elect trump's inauguration and the meetings are not slowing down at trump tower. let's go to fox business adam shapiro on the scene with the latest. who have you seen going in and t today, adam? busy day? light day? >> it has been a light day. we're going to talk about some of the people who have gone in, among them leo, the director. let me talk about the new year, the new nomination because this is key for the trump administration agenda going into the new year. and it was the nomination of robert lightheiser to become
4:26 pm
the next u.s. trade representative. this is key because he was a deputy trade during the bush administration and has negotiated something like two dozen bilateral trade agreements from grain to steel, and he's a trump supporter who wants to take a tougher line like mexico and china. so that was announced this morning by president-elect trump's staff. but then there was also the tweet that came this morning. you talked about earlier the general motors tweet but also what happened with ford and ford's decision not to do that $1.6 billion project plant in mexico and instead invest 700 million at flat rock in michigan. well, the president of the flcio who in the past was not by any means a donald trump supporter actually today said that democrats and
4:27 pm
mr. trump are willing to work with the president-elect and the new administration on behalf of working men and women ie the uaw as well as other members of labor unions. so to answer your question of who went into the tow today? who names that you may hear more about, a u.s. naval academy graduate, has served at the veterans administrati from 2001 to 2003. and then tre is the ofessor who also had some work with the armed forces, joseph guzman, a professor at michigan state who drew fire at students and left members of the wing faculty because he's a hispanic who supported mr. trump. also talking to the president elect. melissa: thank you very much. david. david: a bias to cover the president-elect. exposed with wikileaks will
4:28 pm
now cover the trump white house. including names cnbc harwood and glenn thrush. here now gainer vice president of business for research center. dan, let's start with john harwood, and i can't see john harwood cover donald trump as i have the past week when occasionally i happen by accident to switch onto cnbc without thinking of those tweets that he sent to the clinton administration essentially telegraphing his support for them. >> yeah. the fact that he -- he exposed himself very clearly as saying, oh, here is my thoughts on things. it's one thing for reporters to have kind of a cozy relationship. it's another thing to be so cozy that you're called out by a guy on your own network, joe who at one point when he was supposed to interview hillary
4:29 pm
clinton he was asking will hillary get preapproval of the questions. david: and beyond that, he was actually giving advice. let me share one e-mail, he was giving advice to hillary clinton's team. said watch out. ben carson could give you real trouble in a general. so kind of preparing them for dealing with ben carson. i mean, yon't give advice to a team you're supposed to be covering in a neutral manner. >> well, yeah, and that's the same problem with glenn thrush. you have him cozy up with democrats to the point where he's giving part o part of his story ahead of time which violates politico's rules because they came out with this earlier in the year because they had a similar problem with another reporter. david: yeah. >> and he said he did it all the time. david: and beyond that, dan, he called himself a hack. we don't have to use the term because he did. let me just read that e-mail to john. no worries because i have become a hack.
4:30 pm
i will send you the whole section that pertains to you. please don't share or tell anyone i did this. and it was after that e-mail came out that the new york times hired him as their chief political reporter. i mean, that was actually part of his -- the reason why the times hired him. whatever happened to neutrality? >> there is no neutrality at the new york times. "the new york times" announced that they're going to have a whole new investigative bureau, you know, investigative group the washington bureau. because when liberals run government, it does nothing wrong. you don't have to investigate it. when conservatives run it or republicans run it, you have to -- you know, that's when you have to go after it. david: unbelievable stuff. all right. well, we'll see what happens over the coming months. it will be a lot to report on for u, that'for sure. dan gainer, tnk you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: sounding the alarm. britain security administer warning of a possible isis attack in uk. what this means for here at
4:31 pm
home. david: and why the president-elect is not just going to accept the obam obama administration's report on alleged russian hacking. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing toroso it could be somebody else. and i also know things that other people don't know and so they cannot be sure of this situation.
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david: sharpingening the
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divide with the obama administration. president-elect trump choosing to wait for final report on intel officials of alleged russian cyberattacks before coming to any specific conclusions. our own blake burman is standing by in washington d.c. with details. hey, blake. >> hi, there, david, and briefing on russian hacking is expected to take place at some point this week, we're told. mr. trump as you know continues to question whether russia medalled the election contending that hacking is a quote very hard thing to prove. the incoming white house press secretary saying that mr. trump's administration believes it is in the united states interest to work alongside russia. >> this administration understands the importance of russia and putting america's interest first in the geopolitical climate that we live in. we will do that and this president i think is going to understand that it's i america's interest to have a very, very fruitful retionship with russia. >> last week the obama administration expelled russian dip manhattans from
4:36 pm
the country and sanctioned top officials. the current refuting criticisms today that the response was merely a reaction to the democrats losing the election in november. however, as you know, similar measures were not taken against china when it was suspected of hacking the office of personnel management, stealing the identities of 21 million people. >> suggesting that somehow that's not important, what i'm just saying is that it's materially different than the kind of hack and leak strategy that we saw the russians engage in to try to influence our democracy. that is significant. that's serious. >> and josh earnest also added today that it would be up to the trump administration to quote assume a significant burden. that's how he put it in trying to craft a cyber space policy. back to you. david: thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here now is lieutenant general a fox new military analyst. you say that this could be a
4:37 pm
false flag operation. that it shouldn't be a foregone conclusion that this is the russians. first of all, did i say it right? and do you agree with that? and how come? >> well, you said it as well right, melissa. and here's why i agree. the fact is that because the intelligence agency would not come up on capitol hill and testify in front of both the senate and the house intel committees tells me something that they're holding back. in addition, i think that mr. trump has a lot of sources with general flynn and general kelly from the pentagon and inside the bureaucracy that are feeding information that are saying do not believe this. this is a false flag operation. and so i think that trump gets it and that the white house narrative is in the wrong direction. melissa: although, i mean, the details who exactly is behind this seems to sort of take the
4:38 pm
focus away from what is the greater problem that there was, in fact, a hack that information was leaked. i mean, it seems like -- made it become a political issue about the election as opposed to focusing on the issue, which is that we have some very serious places getting hacked. >> that's spot on. you're exactly right. and why they are trying to do that is to point out that they haven't done a very good job of protecting our information. and if they really want to find out what's hillary clinton's 20,000 plus e-mails that are missing, go to the nsa. they have all of that information. melissa: i mean, everybody -- i hate to interrupt you, but everyone always says that. the nsa has everything. why don't we just go and get it from them. what's the answer to that? >> well, the answer is they do have it, and they don't want to -- the administration publicly doesn't want to acknowledge that. the president doesn't want to acknowledge that because the president dfao approved
4:39 pm
hillary's rogue server because the first e-mail went from hillary to the white house, the white house communications agency called waca immediately had to tell the staff that there was a rogue server on their line. nsa had to be tracking that. and they don't want this exposed. and that's why they keep putting out this false narrative that it was the russians. they have a problem. melissa: on that false narrative, let me ask you quickly. this is what julian said to our own sean. let me get your reaction. >> we can say we have said repeatedly over the last few months that outsource is not the russian government, and it is not state party. . melissa: your reaction to that. >> i don't usually agree with
4:40 pm
him, but in this case, he is correct. and i think you're going to see this after the 20th of january, 13 days from now, melissa, when the facts start coming out what really happened. melissa: interesting.>> and wh. melissa: meanwhile, terror broad isis navy planning a chemical attack on the uk. this is according to the britain security minister. do you believe this? >> i believe there's high potential, just as we saw in istanbul as isis loses more territory and is being defeated in both iraq and syria that they're going to reach out and broaden out and try to attack as they did in munich, they have these rogue warriors that they have out there that we're going to see more and more of this. whether they're able to do chemical weapons is another question, but i think they'll try. the greatest danger of course is nuclear terrorism. melissa: general, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. david: well, president-elect donald trump started an antiestablishment movement
4:41 pm
that won the presincy but that movement is now spreading beyondur 50 states. we'll tell you where. plus president obama's midnight effort to close the terrorist prison at gitmo is about to hit some resistance from the incoming administration. as soon as i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. both made me turn around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away
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david: well, not all president-elect trump supporters are here in the united states, his antiestablishment brand has found some followers north of the border. next guest, conservative party of canada and a member of the canadian parliament, dr. leech is also a medical doctor specializing in orthopedic -- pediatric surgery. she also holds an mba. doctor, i think you're overqualified for politics. >> look, i'm delighted to be on your show today, david. i don't think i'm overqualified. david: well, you certainly have a vast résume. let's talk, though, about how
4:45 pm
a lot of people in canada think you are sort of the canadian version of donald trump. and one of those things has to do with something you said about screening immigrants or at least how to deal with immigrants that come into canada. you said i don't think it's intolerant to believe in a set of values that we expect everyone to share here and include this people who are coming to visit or immigrate to canada. now, some in canada called that statement alone intolerant. why is it not? >> well, look, david. here in canada, whether it be the elites or the insiders, or some of theeft-wi media, they're really out of touch with the average canadian. and i know that they're pushing, we know they're pushing their open border globalist agenda that feather their own caps, but they're leaving behind average canadian workers and what two-thirds of canadians agree with me on, which is that we should be screening canadian immigrants to canada for canadian values.
4:46 pm
i spoke with face to face interviews. right now in canada, only one in ten immigrants into this country receive a face to face interview. all i'm advocating for is that when you go back to what we used to do in this country, that we meet every immigrant coming into the country, have a face to face interview, and ask them about canadian values. i don't think that's asking too much and two-thirds of canadians, average canadians agree with me. the elites, the insiders, the left-wing media, they're doing everything they can to stop me. i'm not going to back down. david: it's remarkable the similar concerns there are to concerns here. i'm just wondering, though, in going in the opposite direction what you used to do in canada, whether you're becoming like those european cities that have certain areas blocked off. >> well, in canada, our senator put a report 18 months ago talking about how we
4:47 pm
should move to face to face interviews for all immigrants. our government hasn't acted on that. our current government, current prime minister said they would have a plan in november. there was no plan. they said december. there's no plan. canadians are concerned. and as i said, two-thirds of canadians agree with me, we should be screening these immigrants with canadian values with face to face interview interviews, and i'm going to continue to talk about this because the average guy and gal on the street here in canada, that's what they care about. david: well, they care a lot about it here in the united states exactly. >> yeah. they do. david: and also about health care. and those folks who are pushing health care, even a greater role forget in health care here in the united states point to canada, and they say you, folks, have almost complete socialized medicine, and you're doing pretty well. to which you say what? >> well, we have some real challenges with access to quality care here in canada. we have long waiting lists. the average canadian:
4:48 pm
seniors, individuals that are working hard every day don't have access to the care that they need. in a previous world when i was chair of the health innovation center at the richard ivy school of business, we were looking at new ways to approach health care in this country so that we could meet budgettarians but also that canadians had good quality care, and i think there are changes we can look to in the future and make sure canadians get better health care quality. david: we have to go, doctor, but i think it's fair to say that the socialized medicine isn't the cure; correct? >> i would tend to agree with you, david. but what i will say is -- and i would like to leave on this. and it's a bit of a what you've raised. we have a prime minister in this country spending billions of dollars globally on other climate change issues. david: right? >> he's put a new carbon tax in place. he's killing canadian jobs. david: yeah. >> and this country, we need to be able to pay for this services, make sure that the
4:49 pm
average canadian is taken care of, but it would be health care if other things. and only if we follow a path in making sure that the average canadian voice is heard, we're goingo get to that. thank you for having me today. i really appreciate it. david: pleasure. please come back and see us again. melissa. melissa: the president-elect very busy on twitter today tweeting about guantanamo bay there should be no more releases from gitmo. these are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back on the battlefield. responding telling there are no plans to halt transfers. fox reporting up to 20 detainees are scheduled to be transferred before trump takes office with 40 remaining in detention. and we have more breaking news out of trump tower, the ap reporting that a contestant from the first season of the apprentice is expected to join the trump white house staff focused on engagements. remember, you saw her a lot in the campaign out there. david: they found a place for her.
4:50 pm
meanwhile, benghazi fast and furious the mass surveillance of americans. yes, there were no scandals for the obama administration. just ask president obama's top adviser.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
. melissa: a scandal-free white house? president obama's top adviser says her boss hasn't been involved in any scandals over the past eight years. >> the president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn't had a scandal and that he hasn't done anything to embarrass himself. but that's not because he is being someone other than who he is. that's because who he is. that's who they are, and i think that's what really resonates with the american people. melissa: gop fundraiser, democratic strategist, they are back with us.
4:54 pm
blake, let me run down just a few on the list. fast and furious, benghazi, the irs targeting of conservative groups, nsa mass surveillance, i could keep going. what do you think? >> well, i think, again, this is a sentiment we actually heard echoed several months ago by david brooks in your favorite publication, melissa, "the new york times," and i think other people have focused on this in the context that this administration hasn't been hamstrung in the way the reagan administration was, the way with the nixon with watergate and to be clear the clinton administration was with monica. i think they're talking about challenges coming out of the west wing, coming out of the white house. melissa: uh-huh. >> and really really haven't seen that with this administration. i think that's the distinction she's trying to make. melissa: let me let noel respond. are we talking about the size of the stack of the scandal? or what do you think we're talking about here?
4:55 pm
>> what you know? i think it's a play on words. i think what valerie was meaning is there were no sex scandals or anything personal about the obama family. but as far as controversies, if you want to categorize it that way, this administration, the obama administration was really riddled with things all the way from iran bundling money in unmarked plane to on the way out the israeli slap in the face. so take your pick. there's a plethora of things to choose from on that end. but on the personal scandal, there wasn't anything. melissa: blake, real quick, do you think that's what she meant? other than calling isis the jv squad but there were no sex scandals. >> yeah. you're right. nothing personal. again, nothing that really lines up in the way of what we've seen historically that have really plagued past administrations, democrat and republican. i think that's the point she's trying to make. melissa: thanks to both of you. david. david: all right. well, a new boss and a new catch phrase. how arnold schwarzenegger is
4:56 pm
replacing donald trump's iconic slogan on the new season of the celebrity apprentice. the microsoft cloud helps us
4:57 pm
stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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>> "celebrity apprentice" making its return without donald trump a new host, arnold schwarzenegger is putting his open special spin on the catch phrase. >> who is taking most risk is what it comes down to, carry you are terminated. now get to the chopper. david: those faces. terminator updated his send off for second elimination. >> a very risky thing to do. therefore, connie you're terminated, aftra la vista, baby. >> wow.
5:00 pm
david: what do you think? >> that is the worst. david: it's nothing new. >> it is terrible. david: he has to have something new. >> that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we're going to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15%. we will cut taxes for middle class, real change. begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs, trade policies of hillary clinton from nafta to china to korea to transpacific partnership, which is a disaster. drain the


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